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SNSD Calorie Restriction November 13, 2015 at 6:15 am

thekshallow, take a look: members appearance younger, compared to k-pop girl group with similar age. It would be nice if you tell us about it in your blog. Slowing down the aging process is a classic effect of calorie restriction.

Thank you for the link! The subject does not really interest me honestly, but I’m putting your comment here, if the readers want to check it out.

krystalized November 13, 2015 at 10:41 pm

She looks so good with red lipstick! So pretty ~

About the photo: I believe she took it some time ago, in the fashion industry the usually prepare their collections way before they sell them into the stores (like spring/summer collections are shown during the winter fashion week) but maybe they also used Photoshop? Anyway I don’t think Sica will keep gaining weight, even Krystal sometimes becomes more fuller but then she lose the weight real quick, so I’m sure they’re really good at managing their diet

Thank you Krystalized, you’re always posting helpful comments! Well, I sure hope your theory is right, a combination of “taken a long time ago” and a bit of retouching. The thing I’m unsure about is her losing the weight again. Why would she? She’s not in SNSD anymore, she doesn’t need to stay super skinny and compete with Sooyoung’s legs. I like her very thin as it goes well with her chic aura, but if she starts being curvier (as long as she’s not going overboard) I wouldn’t really mind. After all, she expressed many times before leaving the group that she was dying to have kids.

krystalized November 13, 2015 at 10:27 pm

I really liked this article and I agree with you. I think the most forgettable members would be Sunny and Sooyoung, but the difference is that the SY tries to always improve herself (acting, modeling, mc, singing, etc) and this is why she’s my bias

Yoona is just gorgeous… she doesn’t even try like someone else (*cough* Taeny *cough*), she has the kindest heart and you can feel it. Warmth is not something you can fake.

On a side note, I have to thank you for the Gary Yourofsky’s speech. I already knew about some of those issues, but that video really helped me. I’m not saying I’m 100% vegan, but I’m working on it and trying to do my best and hopefully I’ll became one! Thank you so, so much!

First of all thank you so much for trying to improve, it means the world to me 😀 It’s so important, I’m so glad you got my message.

Unrelated, I found your observations of Sooyoung, Yoona and Taeny on point. Maybe you could guest write here if you have something?

ML, 16 hours ago

i agree with you 100%. my heart does go out to sunny becuz i mean, imagine being in a group with all these talented and beautiful girls and just feel plain and boring. it happens all the time and i feel like even more so now that jessica isn’t physically in snsd anymore. from my point of view, sunny and tae used to be very close but eventually sunny became closer sica and since taengsic have never really had a great relationship there was tension. obviously this is just speculation and i feel horrible being nosy and such but i guess it’s just human nature. there was a video of party that was uploaded, i don’t remember which and sunny didn’t smile once in it and my heart literally broke in half. i hope she gains back her bubbliness and her happiness because she seems so down these days.

And I agree with you 100% also ^^ I was thinking about it quickly the other day and I wonder if there is a man behind this? Aside a few rumors, Sunny never was on a public relationship. We know so little about her since like 3 years…

Anon 3 days ago

I came across this post accidently and it really saddens me like most of us here, how gravely misunderstood Taeyeon is. I don’t think Taeyeon needs attention the way you think she wants because heck she is the most popular within the fandom. It’s absurd to think that she would actually want more attention than what she already gets.

We all see things the same way, but what makes the difference is how we perceive things. So agree that this is how we percieve Taeyeon, but I think you haven’t really felt how it feels to be lonely and empty, have you? See, it’s only people who have felt that way understands how horrible it is to feel lost, your blood frozen and eyes open to see a world and its people who seems oblivious to how you feel. I think its exactly how Taeyeon feels.I agree with a lot of people that the ‘dorky Taeyeon’ image was obviously crafted for promotion and public appeal, because don’t we all love happy-go-lucky people? But its not only Taeyeon, the nature of the entertainment world is that the whole purpose of it is to entertain people, so all entertainment personalities tend to be crafted. A good example is Jung Hyung Don, who would’ve ever thought that he would’ve suffered from anxiety issues? I can give you more examples, but my point here is that its how you perceived Taeyeon. You and everyone else criticizingTaeyeon percieved her to be that happy person she ever wasn’t and when she actually exposed the real her for you guys to accept she gets rejected for being moody and half assing her job as you say. To me she seems more genuine than the rest of the girls, becuase hate her or love her what we see is indeed who she really is. And when the dating scandal broke out everyone rode out on the hate, to hate her more. Everyone is one their toes, to jump and hate at every opportunity they get. Maybe that’s why Taeyeon stopped asking for acceptance and locked up herself in her own sorrow. I understand because I’ve done this countless times just to make everyone accept me until I got tired of it. I never wanted to be alone but now I prefer that. I wanted a huge crowds around me but now I barely have any friends. I think that’s exactly how Taeyeon feels, she needs someone who rul understands her and likes her for who she is despite all the ugly, people like Tiffany, Heechul or Baekhyun.

Finally I have to say that as of lately, Taeyeon has gotten so much better, which surprises me considring how she was like the most hated person of 2014. Listening to her song ‘I’ which she actually wrote down herself that shows that she is positive of everything despite being on the edge of falling and that makes me genuinely happy. So I don’t think what Taeyeon needs is the hate or the blind admiration for her counterpart the famous Hallyu superstar Taeyeon, but a warm smile or even some genuine words of encouragement.

I do know what depression is and how off you feel all the time. I had too a phase where I was always sad and lonely, but I did not do any attention whoring like she did willingly outing Baekhyun when she damn well knew the consequences. She shouldn’t mess with other’s life just because she doesn’t feel well in hers.

And I do not agree on Taeyeon being the most genuine girl of the group, I feel like she’s passive aggressive some moments, until she’s happy again, then she’ll give 100%. That’s not being professional in my opinion. However, I could not agree more with your last line.

maeyo November 12, 2015 at 11:36 am

hello! i have been a silent reader since last year and that i am so glad that you’re back. anyways, i am just curious if you would actually consider writing articles about f(x)’s krystal? i honestly think that her body is extremely admirable (by me at least) and your opinions on her diet or habits and just a timeline of her figure throughout the years. thank you for reading! ^^

I’m a fan of Krystal but yeah, I’ll add her name to my article list and I’ll see how to organize that. The one thing that bugs me in that f(x) is still a discrete group, there is not a lot of pictures, videos etc compared to snsd. If I was able to write all the articles about snsd’s diet, the diet plans, etc, it was because of the all the informations available. They did tons of shows, interviews, pictorials… When f(x) did less. We’ll see!

M 8 days ago

Hi :), I don’t know if you can help me, but I think you know a lot about this “world” so maybe you know. I’m 1.60 5’3 and I weight between 50-52 (52, in bad days), but I want to lose a little more so I can weigh 45 kg. I used to weight a few kg more ages ago and I went to a hard time and I lost more than 13 kg, I’m got stuck in 50-51 kg, I can’t lose more. (Even though I know, I don’t follow a diet and I try to eat healthy, but some days I eat whatever).

Could you help me please? I’ll be happy. And sorry if this bothers you.

Thank youuu

Hey, I’m sorry I’m not qualified to give any diet advice. However I can tell you what works best for me and maybe you can inspire yourself :

  • Being vegan, consumming as much raw fruits & greens as possible (not vegan junk food!)
  • When I don’t wish to change the content of my plate (I like pizza too!), I simply change the time of my meals; it’s called Intermitent Fasting, lots of ways to do it, look it up 🙂
  • Of course, a daily activity like walking around at high speed, a bit of yoga by watching youtube videos, etc. I like to do all those things and have a class once a week for something that I enjoy like dancing.
  • More extreme : when I need to lose weight fast, for a specific event, I count calories. I set the daily max at 1200 cal and stop eating when I reach it. This is for a temporary weight loss, you will not be able to lose weight like this long term.



The Sunny Mystery

Sunny is the member who started out a the “energy pill”, the “aegyo queen” of the group. But to me, she’s also the less noticeable.


Before you pull out your guns : everything I’m writing here is my very own opinion, not facts. I employ lots of “I think that” or “I feel like” so you won’t get confused, but since a lot of you do anyway (not my regular readers but those who just stumbled on this article) I’m putting this disclaimer. If you post a negative comment because you don’t agree, fine, go ahead I’m interested. But if it’s just to say “No Sunny is not like that, you don’t know her, look at yourself!” then do not bother, I won’t acknowledge it.

Sunny was the cute member, along with Taeyeon they were the dandyu couple, the two happy cuties.


I’m writing this past tense because they both changed a lot between let’s say The Boys era and today. Of course people change as they age, but as I wrote on The Taeyeon Mystery, sometimes it is not for the better. While Taeyeon was breaking her image, trying to be more edgy and dark and starting to rebel, Sunny faded.


She’s doing her job on variety shows, I’m in love with her voice, she’s maintaining her figure, she dances well… But she does not try to make herself likeable, in a sense that she is selling whatever she ask to sell (a song, a product, an image of the group) but she does not include herself, her very own personality into it anymore.


Because I feel like she doesn’t care anymore. I feel like the netizen comments about how she is ugly for a celebrity and she got into SNSD by special treatment made her more incline to hide a bit and show only you what people wanted her to show.

netizenbuzz, september 2015

She stopped trying to bring the spotlight on her as the other members naturally stole it by being “special”.


By that I mean :

Yoona is beautiful. She is a true beauty, with a golden heart and a quite good actress. People are naturally drawn to beauty but her shy smile and soft manners with a bit of choding attitude earned her a nation wide love.

Taeyeon is extremely talented with a beautiful face. Her voice is one of an angel, and her big eyes and tiny body is attracting lots and lots of male fans. Her always changing style, from cutie to badass is inspiring tons of girls. And she is the leader of the most powerful female girl group of Korea today.

To me, comparing Sunny to Yoona & Taeyeon is the easiest way to explain my point of view, because I have trouble expressing what I want (it’s quite difficult to explain something you cannot really see, but only feel). Those two, when they appear in public, event or airport fashion, have like little glitters following them. Different types of glitters, but glitters nonetheless. They look like celebrities. And Sunny does not have that. She is pretty, with talent, just like them, but yet she does not shine even though she could. I think she kept looking for her own type of glitters, found nothing satisfaying, and gave it up altogether.

And honestly, it works well for her. She does a wonderful job on her radio show, she seems like she’s living a simple and balanced life. But I wonder what happened for her to lose her spark.



Jessica’s gracious weight gain

My studies are hectic this week (and the week before) so I apologize for the lack of article last week. Since I said I was going to stick to at least 2 a month, I’m going to release this short article today and later this week the long awaited “The Sunny Mystery”.

I also wish to do another article on Yoona and how well she’s managing her body these days, and I have a lot to say about IU, scandals & weight, so I’ll do a poll, if you think I should write it or not.

I’ll have way less time to write starting January so I’m going to work hard and do my best to update this blog as fast as I can! Stay tuned on November!

So I said on my instagram I wasn’t sure that Jessica was ever going to appear again here as she left the group and as a result I got way less material to work wth (read: can’t see her figure as often as I used to with events, concerts, etc)

I follow her on Instagram and she looks perfect as ever: skin, face, make up, clothes… But I couldn’t help but notice her fuller cheeks and waist.

I already did an article on Jessica debut’s weight loss, from chubby to scary skinny to sexy thin.


Her glamourous figure changed from years to years, depending on how much she was working.

during & after her drama

These days, she looks incredibly classy as usual, and she wears her new curves very well

tumblr_nxgy50P7DJ1r4oun7o3_1280 tumblr_nxgyjxRtp61r4oun7o6_1280 tumblr_nxk1ommjCU1r4oun7o3_1280

She looks fuller but not full, the perfect balance. The added weight gain in her face is making look more youthful, a good thing when approaching 30 years old.
She’s got honey thighs and a full breast, but not disgracious rolls of fat or cellulite.

My only question is : how fast did she gain this weight?

The 28th of october, she posted this picture :


Here she is clearly thinner than the pictures above. Was it from a few months ago? Was it heavily photoshopped? A combination of the two?

I sure hope it was the latest option. I’ve always been praising Jessica for her self control and admirable diet success story, I wouldn’t like to see go down the Yuri road (back in 2011).


Yuri’s 2015 body transformation

A Sunny version of The Taeyeon Mystery is in preparation, but since it’s taking so much time, here is a light & happy article about the Sexy queen comeback!

I got bashed a lot for what I wrote about Yuri (The Yuri weight gain effect & Yo Yo Yuri) but I’m not taking it back. A lot of people said “she’s not fat, she’s healthy!”. I know she was healthy and obviously not obese, but she was way fatter than all the other members and she didn’t look in shape.

Now she does! I think she looks STUNNING. This is what I was talking about when I said she should make some efforts to control her eating habit. You cannot diet too hard because it won’t work long term!

She took years to shed the weight, that’s why I think she’ll keep it that way from now on (of course I’m not talking about when she’ll have kids or be 40 yo). She definitely learned from her past dieting mistakes :

Cosmopolitan: As Girls’ Generation’s representative healthy beauty, how do you take care of your body?
Yuri: In the past, I thoroughly managed [my body], but I don’t do it as much lately. Still, I try to take care of myself consistently. I try to maintain a balance with my eating habits, lifestyle, and sleep. I think that women have the right to become more beautiful as they age. In order to do that, efforts need to be made.

She stopped pushing her limits too hard, and started doing what works for her.

Cosmopolitan: I completely agree. So then what kind of efforts have you been making in order to become beautiful?
Yuri: Recently, I’ve been learning horseback riding, which actress Jeon Hyebin recommended, and it’s really been effective exercise for my lower tummy, pelvis, and waist. You also have to communicate with the horse, so I don’t feel bored at all. Also, on days that I overeat, I go back and forth between weight training and aerobic exercises at the gym.

cr: soshified

My assumptions are that when she started gaining weight as she entered adulthood, she decided to do whatever it took to take her body back where it was :

Here she’s ashamed of saying she once weighted up to 50kg, which is very slim for her height. My guess is that she once hit 50kg, so she dieted to match the required weight. Companies are known for managing everything about their trainees, from the haircut to the weight. Here are the words of Tiffany Park, who gave up her plan of being an idol after a year of intensive training :

What was the hardest part about being a trainee?

[…] The hardest part of being a trainee is losing weight and maintaining it. I’m American – I freakin’ love to eat yo.
At my interview with the company, the first thing they told me to do was to lose weight and my first training session wasn’t in the studio; it was at the gym. I had a lot of health issues after my time as a trainee, but I don’t blame anyone. It was my own greed and pride that led me down that road. I could’ve lost weight in a healthier way, but instead I literally starved myself and worked out for 3-6 hours a day. I think I dropped 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Ha!

cr : moonrock 

Yuri must have been through the same thing (I hope not the 20 pounds in 3 weeks though!!) and when the weight came back as her metabolism slowed down a bit, she crash dieted and over exercised to look like she used to, but I’ve already talked about it in “Yo Yo Yuri”.

It took her 2 years to go from chubby to slim & fit :

September 2013


September 2014


September 2015


A very gradual weight loss, achieved by a change of habits easy to stick to.

Yuri is truly an inspiration!


Thekshallow on instagram (bis) & announcements

Hi, just a quick update : my instagram account is

I’m answering comments here, but not all of them and sometimes I post my vegan meals 🙂

I especially wanted to thank all the people who are glad that I’m back, it means a lot that you didn’t not forgot this blog during my long hiatus! Thank you so much !

The rhythm I want to keep is an article every 2 weeks, so 2 articles a month. It’s not a lot but since I’m dealing with appearances, especially weight gain/loss, I cannot post too often as it takes times for someone’s look to fluctuate.
Of course if there is something special I’ll post more often.

Right now I’m watching Sunny, as she is losing weight, and Sooyoung who gained a bit and looks great. I’ll also keep an eye on Taeyeon and  of course on Yuri, who’s yo-yoing often (I hope it finally stopped!)


Taeyeon’s 2015 weight loss

Congratulations for your solo album Taeyeon!

I cannot wait to hear it! But I’m going to focus on her appearance only. Since the Lion Heart comeback, Taeyeon is looking skinnier than ever, almost bony on certain angles. I already showed a chubby-to-lean Taeyeon on a previous article, but she definitely lost even more weight.

She never talks about diet, restricting, or exercising. On the TaeTiSeo show she admitted to never drinking enough water, and on the article “Girls Generation Diet(s)” she said that her members do not eat a lot (when everyone in snsd kept pushing the myth of almost 3,000 cal a meal, especially Tiffany, the most vocal about her diet).

Taeyeon is a mystery to me. The article “the Taeyeon mystery” has sucited lots of conversations in the comments, and everyone seemed to have their own theory.

I think, like I said before, that Taeyeon is the type to forget to eat or who distractly nibbles on food because she has something else better to do.

But I think with her solo comeback being so close to the Lion Heart comeback, she must be exhausted & very busy, that’s why she lost so much weight off her already thin frame.

When you are looking at her with her own clothes or front side, she looks fine. Skinny but healthy.

But her backside gives her “boniness” away

Her waist is the same size as her head, as the dress fits tight on her body.

But of course the most obvious is the Lion Heart practice video, that I already reviewed here. We can see her chest bones, her legs are like arms and her cheek bones could cut glass.

I am worried because she’s on so much pressure she might collapse, but as the time I’m not because she doesn’t seem to care that much about food.
I would be anxious if she said she can’t eat past this or that hour, or that she only drink a special detox tea all day.

She just needs to prioritize her health over her passions, but this balance can be hard to find. I have no doubt that her entourage is caring for her, so I hope she’ll look healthier by the end of her solo album promo!